I, a universe of atoms an atom in the universe, a drop in the ocean, entire ocean in a drop. (Here i talk to myself...)

Healing Reiki energy cleansing 💗

At least 7 days in a row in the morning and before sleep, just look at this candle for 15 seconds and accept whole chakra cleansing energy that i am sending to you.

And say i am now purified by the sacred fire. I am under divine protection of the God Almighty and the Guardian Angel Army. 💗🙏🏻🙏🏻

Bread crumbers



A person who is interested in you wouldn’t bread crumb you in the first place. Only a narcissistic, a cheater, a manipulator would bread crumb you. And once they breadcrumb you don’t except them to give you a whole loaf.

However, as long as in society there are people accepting to be bread crumbed, for sure there will be bread crumbers. So, everything is really starting with one’s knowing one’s value. Don’t confuse love with abuse. You might be trauma bounded if you keep letting them breadcrumb.

Be aware of your own value, believe that you deserve the best, healthy relationship with respect, understanding and compassion.

Put your boundaries, know your value, stay alert, protect your energy and don’t engage with such people, simply ignore them!


LOVE with pure feelings,

LOVE like innocent children,

LOVE like Angels,

LOVE like snowflakes,

LOVE like rain,

LOVE like a cute, loyal dog…


It doesn’t matter how important that person might be in your life, once they broke your trust, no matter what you can’t trust them again. If you give them second or third chance to break your trust, it’s even worse. It becomes habit for them because they get so comfortable with you giving chances and think you would always forgive them, give them chances. But if you are a conscious, good individual you should prove them wrong to force them change for good.

Once you lose your value in others' memory, you just can’t change that person’s memory. You will always stay as someone dishonest, unreliable… for sure not someone as to be worthy of respect or praise…

That’s how important to be the person of one’s word. Keeping one’s word, being an honest, a reliable person.

Past mistakes
In the past, one of my boss loved me so much. He really loved me but man he really wasn’t my type. But he was so funny, jolly, wise person. The company was a new, small enterprise with 6 people including me. …

Let it go

For the moment it feels like this temporary torture will never end. It’s so excruciating! Waiting for my graduation day. I can’t sleep well… I literally feel so sick and tired. Sometimes i am curious if i am dying. Sleep late, have distorted sleeping pattern, wake up…

Focus on unconditional love

I was hopeless romantic. Always thought there was someone out there that’s my true love, my soulmate who loves me unconditionally... Then i met people and most were conditional, their love was conditioned.

Today, Simon told me to more focus on unconditional love. I thought about people who loved me unconditionally such as mom, sisters, brothers, my moral mom… And i realized i wasn’t focusing on them as much as i was focusing on those who were punishing me with their conditioned love…

He said those who manipulate you, is not pure love. They will limit you if you stay with those manipulations and they will limit themselves too living with the same pattern. Shift your focus to those who has been giving their unconditional love quitely in any circumstances.

So i choose to focus on unconditional love. 💗

Why people can not be considerate as me?

I hide myself in my cave, obviously i enjoy my company,

don’t crave any company.

Why out of nowhere you find me?

The man i used to love deeply,

and now who i hate sadly

Are fucking kidding me?

Don’t you bread crumb me

Your handsome face no longer appeal me

Because you always choose others over me

I am out of here, you broke my heart, i leave you be

Now, i have a wide open heart thanks to thee

And i know why you always reject me

Your higher self knows he doesn’t deserve me,

so he repels me, to protect his dignity.

I want someone spiritual as me or over me

someone as devoted, faithful as me,

someone who truly loves me.


I am one of those Jeanne d’Arc, bathed by sacred fire. I am a peacemaker, have a silent, sometimes too silent and boring life. But there are times need to refuge from silence, need to make some noise! Time to have fun with my big toys, Devils dressed with human meat! I dare to suck their energy and kill those Devils to bring peace, to bring justice to life …

Tired, but i won’t give up without bringing any justice! I was born as a warrior, a freaking fearless, daring, fiesty warrior.

I am a peacemaker and enemy of all sneaky little Satans! I’ll suck your soul, suffocate your soul you little bastards! Fear me, fear me! I am commanding you to bow before me, beg for forgiveness as i am the God of the Devils!


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