Embracing Duality
‘The me’ wants to be pure, innocent, be nun like or holy, on the other hand also wants to have a few million times of sex and enjoy her whoracle side to the ultimate.

I stay celibate for a while then the little girl in me says “No! That’s not what we want, we want to watch porn, we want sex, we want to masturbate, we want all those sex toys!” The little bitch desires all those toys currently big me can’t afford. To my contrary, she thinks the big me is the bitch because doesn’t give what she wants.

Then, i asked my higher self is that what we want, choosing a side? “No!” said she. “We want both, even more, we don’t care duality or triality, we have infitite possibilities, we do not set limit, we don’t want separation, we want to intertwine all, we want oneness. We are here to learn, embrace all. No harm to enjoy both. Thus, fear not dear. We love, accept thee in the whole package as you are regardless of how you want to be. There is no right or wrong, shame or guilt, good or bad. There is only the ‘isness’.”

I, a universe of atoms an atom in the universe, a drop in the ocean, entire ocean in a drop. (Here i talk to myself...)